What Doesn’t Sell

I LOVE these freeform peyote-stitch bracelets Like this one, Tropical Punch) but they don’t sell! Even in toned-down colors, I rarely sell one of these, which is too bad because they are fun to make.

Selling’s on my mind because I was a vendor at Wonderfest yesterday. That’s an arts/crafts fair in my hometown of Beloit, Wis. I sold quite a bit, but I have to say that it would have been worth doing had I sold nothing at all. My mom hung out with me and we had a great day together.

If you  are interested in purchasing any of the jewelry you see on Caffeine Girl Beads, you can e-mail me at deborah.kades@gmail.com. I accept Paypal.

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2 Responses to What Doesn’t Sell

  1. kelly says:

    Stitch markers girl you need to make stitch markers!

  2. The bracelet is so pretty! I know I’m more of a necklace or earring person. I spend most of my time at work writing on tilted boards so anything I wear on my wrists gets hurt eventually, I’ve given up even wearing watches.

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