Pendragon Cuff

Generally, I feel like I should focus on original beads and other projects. However, I love doing seed bead projects from Beadwork and Bead & Button magazines. It’s like guilty pleasure. I could argue that it’s a great way to learn new techniques — and it is! — but I rarely use complex bead-weaving with my polymer clay beads. It just doesn’t mix that well.

Another reason I make magazine projects is because I just plain love the designs and want to be able to wear them.  My favorite so far is the Pendragon Cuff pictured above. This awesome design by Lynn Davy was published in the February/March 2010 issue of Beadwork.

The directions are great and the result is stunning. I highly recommend this project!

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Thinking About Business

My summer was so busy that I didn’t apply to holiday art shows the way I had planned. So I was both relieved and excited this week when I was accepted into a show on December 3. It’s a one-day show, which is my preference, at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Now that I know I have a show coming up, I’m thinking more like a business person — and that means thinking in black and white. That color combo has always been my best seller, so I think I need to get claying!

If you are interested in seeing more or purchasing Caffeine Girl jewelry, you can email me at or check out my Etsy store: caffeinegirl1.

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Ocean Inspiration: Sand Dollar

Here is another necklace in my Ocean Inspirations series.

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Ocean Inspiration


I love the ocean; I know, who doesn’t? Even living in the heart of the Midwest, I feel its siren songs. Whether I’m writing or beading, I’m drawn to the colors and sounds of the shore.

Twenty years ago, I made these ocean-inspired beads and strung them very simply. I knew there had to be a better use for these little disks of blues and greens.

I’ve been collecting ocean-related beads for a long time. In my new pledge to use what I have rather than accumulating more stash, I decided to dive in. I gathered the materials together and this one of the necklaces I came up with:

The ring and dagger beads are all from Green Girl Studios, one of my favorite suppliers. Their pewter beads are original and fit my wabi-sabi tendencies. I’ve owned these for years. It feels great to finally use then!

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Giving in to Steampunk

I try to stay clear of trends. Really.  Why make (or buy) something that is going to go out of style and look dated in a relatively short period of time?

But I could not resist Steampunk — especially with the classy components Susan Lenert Kazmer offers through Michael’s Arts & Crafts: Industrial Chic.

Susan gets credit for the focal piece in this necklace. She is SO talented.

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Cosmic Copper Pods

These Pod beads were SO much fun to create. These are unusual colors for me, and it was fun to step outside my color comfort box. I’m not sure if anyone will buy them; they are a little odd!

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Green for Spring

Spring was late in Wisconsin, so I cheered myself with green clay.

It’s funny. At first I didn’t like the way these beads looked together. But after putting it away for a week, I found that they seemed to blend beautifully!

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Blue Monday

It was a busy weekend and I’m still a bit tired. Maybe wearing this Super Charm Necklace will perk me up.

I always wear each piece I make for a day. I want to make sure that each one is sturdy!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the jewelry you see on Caffeine Girl Beads, you can e-mail me at I accept Paypal.

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Violet & Vines

After my run with buttons, I’m back to clay. I’m happy with this piece because of the different shapes and textures.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the jewelry you see on this blog, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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More Disc Beauty

I’m still on a detour from polymer clay. I found another batch of glass discs that I could not resist on Etsy. These beauties are crafted by Fragiacomo Glass Art. She’s mom to five kids, so it’s hard to know where she finds the time, but find it she does. You can learn more about her here.

She shares my love of saturated color. I’ve been especially charmed by orange lately, so I could not resist this set, which reminds me of a sunset in her home state of Florida.

These are smaller than the last discs I worked with, so I’ll have to find a way to bead around them without overwhelming them.

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